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just out of cadets

hey hey hey people!
just checking this out... been watching for some time.

i just left my cadet program in canada. i was a sergeant at 845 avro arrow sqn, mississauga. pretty cool set-up. i've done ILTC-trenton-2003, ITRCC-connaught-2004, and connaught staff cadet 2005. i've also been to the phase 2 provincial band competition the past two years (2004 and 2005). anyone been there hit me back! same with anyone in 4CAG or TAG who would have met me at random FTXs or dances or get-togethers of sorts.

i sort of miss all the parade nights and stuff.... actually not really... now i get to dye my hair crazy colours again... but it was good times. a lot of experiences and new people. i should post a picture of the canadian air cadet uniform... it's pretty sharp.

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