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Thought I'd introduce myself

I'm Becca :] a Corporal from 111 Sunderland Squadron. Our squadron is hoping to set up a new website and we were asked to create something to go in it. I made this:

Air Cadet Rite Of Passage:

You are not a proper air cadet if you cant tick more than 5 boxes:

[] You have stood on parade for over an hour
[] You have fainted on parade
[] You have spent at least 3 hours straight on your shoes
[] Then someone stood on them
[] You have had a camp fling
[] You have had a camp nickname
[] You know at least 3 air cadet related songs...
[] You sing them loudly at every opportunity
[] You have been severely bollocked [by that i mean your ears are ringing afterwards]
[] You have spent AGES needing the toilet on an expediton
[] You have dropped the rifle
[] You have pissed about when you thought the staff werent looking...
[] They were looking.
[] You have spent ALL DAY on sentry [if you are 16 or over]
[] You have injured yourself while pissing about on camp
[] Theres at least one really enbarrasing photo of you in your unniform
[] You have been asked by the public if you are in the army/ raf/ girl scouts ect...
[] A charv has took the piss out of your uniform
[] A charv has shouted abuse while you were on parade
[] You have been bollocked for something you didnt do
[] You have a funny nickname for a member of staff
[] You have thrown up in a Grob
[] You have completely failed at the athletics
[] You have had to clean the toilets after a smelly member of staff
[] You have lost your beret...
[] 3822
[] Forgot to wear your brassard
[] Gotten a ladder in your tights [girls!]
[] Despite all this you still love the ATC :]

feel free to add to it! :] x
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Hee! I'm not a cadet anymore, but that list made me smile a lot. It's so true! Good times :)
oh I'm sorry, i forgot my manners,
I'm LAC squiers from squadron 280 athabasca
and i have a few suggestions on that list of yours:

if you ever fainted and created a domino effect on the floor (everybody else falls)
if the toliet at the camp flooded, and you came back with soaked shoes/socks
if you get awarded the best uniform award and then show up next week with the worst uniform
if you pointed a loaded rifle at the officer when it didn't work
if you march at a prarade late,and relise you forgot your belt
if you cheat from a parent who was in the milatary
if you have a "record" for your uniform at your squardron
if you corrected your officer/warrentofficer more than 10 times a night



March 22 2008, 11:46:59 UTC 9 years ago

that made me laugh
im a CPL from 1372 sqn (Elstree and Borehamwood in the UK)
that is soooo true made me giggle lol
you should add:
stepped on an officers shoe (I did right before final parade on camp)
done aerobatics (before throwing up in a grob)


May 16 2010, 11:27:28 UTC 7 years ago

Hey, this made me smile, its so true!
I used to live in Sunderland when I was younger and now I'm a corporal at 2222 Brigg Squadron (bet you've never heard of it!)
Cat :)