survey about police interrogations and confessions

I am writing to ask for help with an online survey that I am conducting.  The survey is about police interrogations and confessions.

It should take no more that 15 to 20 minutes to complete. We especially need people with a military background as they are not often surveyed about these beliefs.  However, any individual regardless of their background is greatly appreciated.  In order to participate, you have to be over the age of 18, and currently reside in the United States.

To take the survey, please click this link.

Thank you for your help
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 Hi. This is Cpl. Anonymous from one of the Saskatchewan squadrons, and I figured I'd let you guys know that the Canadian cadet teaching program is undergoing a massive revamp. I just got back from a weekend at Saskadet where we were briefed on the new program, and it looks great.
This coming September, we will be starting to use a new Level One teaching program, and a new one will be released every year for each respective level until 2012.
I'd like to know if anyone has any questions/comments about the new program. I might not be able to answer all of them, but I can probably find the info somewhere.
You can find more information about the program at in the Staff Resources and Tools section, then in the Cadet Training documents.
Let me know what you think.
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Thought I'd introduce myself

I'm Becca :] a Corporal from 111 Sunderland Squadron. Our squadron is hoping to set up a new website and we were asked to create something to go in it. I made this:

Air Cadet Rite Of Passage:

You are not a proper air cadet if you cant tick more than 5 boxes:

[] You have stood on parade for over an hour
[] You have fainted on parade
[] You have spent at least 3 hours straight on your shoes
[] Then someone stood on them
[] You have had a camp fling
[] You have had a camp nickname
[] You know at least 3 air cadet related songs...
[] You sing them loudly at every opportunity
[] You have been severely bollocked [by that i mean your ears are ringing afterwards]
[] You have spent AGES needing the toilet on an expediton
[] You have dropped the rifle
[] You have pissed about when you thought the staff werent looking...
[] They were looking.
[] You have spent ALL DAY on sentry [if you are 16 or over]
[] You have injured yourself while pissing about on camp
[] Theres at least one really enbarrasing photo of you in your unniform
[] You have been asked by the public if you are in the army/ raf/ girl scouts ect...
[] A charv has took the piss out of your uniform
[] A charv has shouted abuse while you were on parade
[] You have been bollocked for something you didnt do
[] You have a funny nickname for a member of staff
[] You have thrown up in a Grob
[] You have completely failed at the athletics
[] You have had to clean the toilets after a smelly member of staff
[] You have lost your beret...
[] 3822
[] Forgot to wear your brassard
[] Gotten a ladder in your tights [girls!]
[] Despite all this you still love the ATC :]

feel free to add to it! :] x
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(no subject)

hello my fellow cadet darlings.
don't any of you like actually post in this?
well, i'll be a blabber and tell you all the stuff thats happening at my sqn.
i'm starting my gold d.o.e all i have to do is wait on my cpl devising a plan for an expedition. have any of you lot done this before? any pointers?
I was ment to be in Crickhowell, right now, as i type, but HQ fucked up and gave my place away, so now I'm going in either Jan or Febuary for my HANG GLIDING course. I'm soooooo excited. Has anybody been before? know anyone that has? whats it like?
Acht I cant be bothered typing anymore,just hoped this has got the ball rolling again.
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Cadet Gear!

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(no subject)

hey, i think i'm best to introduce myself.
I'm Hazel McNeil, a cdt Cpl from Glasgow and West of Scotland wing
I've been to numerous camps including RAF Akrotiri, RAF Waddy (what a camp!), Llanbedr (first time I went i broke my arm :( ) and loads more I can't be bothered typing out.
I've got seven of these;

and I still haven't got any further than regionals :\
I'm going to ICTC sometime soon (death by powerpoint, woohoo :\ )
Oh and today, I'm applying to the RAF to be a photographer.
Wish me luck :\
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RAF Application Process

I realise this community if focused heavily on the ATC as opposed to the RAF (or anything of the like). However I have a question or two incase anyone here is in the RAF.. I have my testing coming up soon and want to ask people who have been in my position before.

1. How did you fair on your AST test? Did you have enough time to complete all questions?

2. What tests did the health assessment contain?

3. Do you have to be superfit to pass the physical test following that?

4. I assume you do all three tests in the one day.. So after you've done the AST, and passed, you move straight onto the health examination and, if you pass that, you go straight onto the fitness test and then interview. And then have the presentation in the afternoon?

5. Do they really grill you in the interview? I've never had a formal one before, despite having worked in many jobs.. My skills got me the job so I didn't need an interview ^^;

6. Did you ever fail the above? Why did you fail? Have you repeated the testing again since failing?

Thanks to all who can answer any of the above for me =]
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(no subject)

thats international shooting cadet rifle meeting
i think
i was at bisley and i went
i met sooo many canadians and australians....they (or u) were so coool
and i got the cadet 100
ha and the air cadets ruled once again over the army and sea cadets
mwa ha ha
anyone else go???