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RAF Application Process

I realise this community if focused heavily on the ATC as opposed to the RAF (or anything of the like). However I have a question or two incase anyone here is in the RAF.. I have my testing coming up soon and want to ask people who have been in my position before.

1. How did you fair on your AST test? Did you have enough time to complete all questions?

2. What tests did the health assessment contain?

3. Do you have to be superfit to pass the physical test following that?

4. I assume you do all three tests in the one day.. So after you've done the AST, and passed, you move straight onto the health examination and, if you pass that, you go straight onto the fitness test and then interview. And then have the presentation in the afternoon?

5. Do they really grill you in the interview? I've never had a formal one before, despite having worked in many jobs.. My skills got me the job so I didn't need an interview ^^;

6. Did you ever fail the above? Why did you fail? Have you repeated the testing again since failing?

Thanks to all who can answer any of the above for me =]
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